Smart Phone

If you are planning to buy a new smartphone with a budget of 10,000 then you will have to make a look here at this before buying other phone so that you do not miss out on anything, so here I present you the honor 5c special features after a month of usage on daily basis.


First of all, when you will start your device you will come across a interface which is quite similar to iOS but when you use the phone then you come to know that things start to change here.

A touch button which is similar to iOS which contains many shortcuts for on the go usage which is named as floating dock.

If you touch the finger print the sensor after opening your phone, you will see all your notifications.

When you open the settings of your phone you will get to see advanced settings tab and here things start to change.

Dedicated motion sensor for keeping your phone silent in a meeting, if you will flip your phone it will stop ringing.

Hi suite mode – in this mode you do not have to open USB debugging menu while connecting to laptop or PC.

Color of screen can be set according to your convenience such as cold, warm or any special one if you want to.

Mirror share – For sharing your files with just a tap like share it , it is an inbuilt app of honor 5c.

Honor supports one hand user interface, if you want to use your phone single handedly you can swipe your finger in right direction on the three main buttons and it will appear like 3.5 inch screen.

Smart headset control – By the volume buttons of your earphones you can actually do many things by switching on this feature.

Another useful feature I found was touch disable mode I.e. if you put your phone in bag or pocket it doesn’t let your phone do anything.

For winters you have gloves mode so that in chilling winters you do not have to put your hands out for operating your honor 5c.

Day dream feature, which acts as an screen saver while your phone charges.


Color contrast of display is not vibrant.

No lagging in playing heavy games till now.

The phone is running Smoothly even when it is completely filled 10Gb.

Camera quality is best under 13k smartphones just a drawback of single tone flash.

Super smooth finger print sensor, unlocks within a fraction of sec Every time.

Transition from one app to other lacks smoothness.


Awesome phone, for the price range, after using high end phones like Nexus and s7. I don’t feel it lagging anywhere and the price tag is quite amazing.