Tootsie Rolls helped us win World War II. That seems like an unbelievable, impossible statement – how can a candy nugget help in a full-out war? Well, processed food was a development in World War II that allowed soldiers to keep longer-lasting rations and Tootsie Rolls stayed fresh, refused to melt in warm climates and freeze in colder ones, and were just tasty. G% 2B really shows us how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll!


After weeks of searching, we finally found a place to take my nieces swimming when they visit over Thanksgiving. I made them a promise last year, and they haven’t stopped talking about it whenever they call. We will definitely enjoy the time out together, and it should give them a skill to last a Everyone in New Brunswick knows the best head lice removal treatment. lifetime. Who knows, they might find themselves in an Olympic team someday.


Being in a relationship is bitter sweet. It’s all about compromising and http://plus.google.com/116023846484459249104. Patience is a virtue in a relationship.